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 Jimi Hendrix, Lightnin’ Rod & Buddy Miles “Doriella Du Fontaine” (8:47)
(Recorded in 1969)

 “Doriella Du Fontaine” brought attention to the remarkable early rap stylings of
The Last Poets member Lightnin’ Rod (Jalal Mansur Nuriddin). This obscure Jimi Hendrix recording
stands as one of his most interesting, albeit short-lived, side projects. Although this 1969 recording date was an impromptu affair, with Jimi Hendrix (who overdubbed bass later), Buddy Miles (who overdubbed organ), and Lightnin’ Rod improvising in the studio, the song is unique and tirelessly funky. Hendrix’ grooving guitar playing is the perfect backdrop for Lightnin’ Rod’s truly imaginative lyrics that tell the outlandish tale of a prostitute.

18 September 2012 Jimi Hendrix Lightnin’ Rod blues soul funk rap music 1969